Dec 5, 2008

Pictures of different money from different countries

--> The coins from diffent countries are different,so today I will show you some pictures of different money from different countries.

Egypt: pound

Ireland: pound

Estonia: Karenni

Antigua and Barbuda: the former Eastern Caribbean

Austria: shilling

Australia: Yuan

Barbados: Yuan

Papua New Guinea: kina

Bahamas: Yuan

Bajisita: Rs

Paraguay: Guarani

Brazil: Li Yayi

Belarus: rubles


North Korea:Yuan

Germany: Mark

Russia: ruble

France: franc

Cambodia: Villiers

Liberia: Yuan

Mexico: Peso

South Africa: crown

South Africa: Rand

European Union: the euro

Japan: Japanese Yen

Somalia: shilling

India: Rs

Indonesia: rupees (Shield)

Macao, China: MOP

Hong Kong, China: HK

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Anonymous said...

quien quiere ser mi amigo ?

Anonymous said...

yo no negro maldito

Preetish THe Real Indian said...

Jai Indian Rupees .....Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Fantastic , Just i wanted to know how in india we have since 1 paisa to 1000 rupees currencies. In this way how to get images of other countries currencies? Pls, help me

amol shirsath said...

Hi I'm working on currency recognition of various country...will u please mail me the currency images of countries to

Anonymous said...


msaeed said...

bhai g countris ka name to sae laikh lo
like pakistan

Krishna Kumar said...

look all notes the india currency Rs looking the best of the world because mahathma his there

Anonymous said...

mahatma g ka chashma kuch tera he.

Anonymous said...

where are more countries

pratheep said...

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jan jirah alcedo said...

cool!. hope you got Philippines currency.

Abdul Ghafoor said...

Rs 500 note is of Pakistan but you mention wrong

Abdul Ghafoor said...

Rs 500 note is of Pakistan but you mention wrong

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